“My experiences training for the NFL pales in comparison to what Fight Ready offers. The Fight Ready Program is a functional, intuitive, technique driven @## kicker! This program mentally and physically challeges you on all levels. Whether you are a novice or a professional, the friendly, competetive environment places the emphasis on learning and getting the most out of your abilities. You will work, you will learn and you will have fun doing it!”

– Grey Ruegamer – 2x Super Bowl Champion with Patriots and Giants/Former ASU


“I lost over 60 lbs at the Fight Ready Fitness Center, and it helped me to play better in my football career. I have been through some tough workouts that were a battle at Fight Ready, but going through those battles prepared me more for life and my play on the field. Fight Ready helps you to be ready for all the fights in your life.

Fight Ready provides something different, it is not like running three miles or swimming laps. Fight Ready will challenge you physically and mentally. The different range of classes, from beginner to advanced, will help you to take on anything that comes up in your path.

At the Fight Ready Fitness Center you see Single Parents, Families, Adults and Kids all involved and having a good time. Fight Ready does a lot for the community, keeps kids off the street, allows parents to spend time with their kids, teaches children discipline, and helps people get in better shape.”

– Gabe Watson – NFL Defensive Tackle


“If you want to fight or train, Fight Ready has the best training partners and best instructors. Fight Ready Fitness Center really is like family to me”

– Eric “The American Soldier” Prindle – Bellator


“Fight Ready is an Elite Training Facility. I like the Intensity I see there, and they have some of the best Instructors, guys with real credentials that know what they are talking about”

– Henry Cejudo – 2008 Olympic Wrestling Gold Medalist


“For the weekend warrior, this is the best of the best workout in town.”

– Jude LaCava – Fox Channel 10 Sports Anchor


“I dropped 40 lbs in the off season training at Fight Ready, the incredible workouts have leaned me up and I’m ready for the season”

– Anthony Clement – NFL – Arizona Cardinals, New York Jets, New England Patriots


“Fight Ready in Arizona’s collection of terrific fighters, smart trainers, and great equipment make it an absolutely awesome place to get a super MMA workout experience!”

– Carlon M. Colker, M.D., FACN – Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director, Peak Wellness, Inc. Celebrity Physician, Trainer, and Nutritionist


“The conditioning I received from Boxing and Sports Conditioning Classes at Fight Ready was incredible”

– Kevin Berry – NFL Green Bay Packers


“The Instruction that Boxing Students of all skill levels receive at Fight Ready stress the same techniques Professionals use to become World Champions”

– David Rodriguez- Heavy Weight Boxer Currently Ranked Top 10 in the World 31-0


“Fight Ready provides an excellent setting for my off season conditioning”

– Ryan Acosta MLB – Arizona Diamond Backs, Chicago Cubs