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Peter De La Cruz

What Peter Says About His Group Classes

In my early morning classes, I like to make each student feel a good cardio burn and ensure each of them feels like they’ve already accomplished something before they’ve even arrived at work. We focus on intense, short combos with high reps. We usually end each class with an ab blast or some sort of kicking drill (depending on the class). In my wrestling classes, first and foremost, I want the kids to have fun—to find the same love for wrestling that I had as a kid, and that directed a huge portion of my life. I like to combine fun drills with technical drills, so the classes don’t feel like work. When working with kids, it’s about making sure they’re having fun! My strength class has a one purpose: to get people more physically fit! Physically fit to one person might be losing weight, while another might consider physically fit as adding muscle or increasing their bench press. Each class begins with a five-minute warm-up on the treadmill's, then a walk-through various lifting stations. Oftentimes, I partner students up, and while one is pushing weight, the other is recording the progress for him/her. Pairing up students and recording numbers is a great way to keep the intensity up, while building teamwork which leads to a better body workout!

What Peter Says About His One-On-One Training

When working with a client one-on-one, I work toward any personal goals they might need. I’m there for them, and I want to make sure each session works toward those goals. I focus on weight loss and building muscle, wrestling, striking and I regularly consult clients on a proper diet regimen. Not only do I want to train clients in the gym, but I want to make sure they know how to live outside of the gym to reach their goals. A healthy diet and lifestyle outside of the gym is just as important as getting in the gym and working.

Life Outside of the Gym

I love hiking. I’m a native Arizonian, and it shows—I want to hit the trails anytime I can! I also love to swim, as it doesn’t feel like exercise, and it’s always great to get in some water as we live in the desert. I was never a huge video game fan when I was younger, but I now find myself playing video games and eating good food (when I’m not cutting weight for a competition!) at home and spending time with my beautiful son.