Zen Planner

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What is Zen Planner?

Zen Planner is an application that allows us to manage our members. It’s how we store your which membership you have, what classes you’ve attended, and if you have any family members training with us, too.

When you first signed up with us your Zen Planner profile was automatically created. So all you have to do now, is fill in the details, if you haven’t already.

Completing Your Profile

When you first singed up for a class, you should have received an email with your login information. If you didn’t, or you can no longer find it, please let one of our staff members know (You can call us at (480) 941-5466).

That email will will walk you through setting up your profile.

We also recommend downloading the Zen Planner App, so you can check our schedule and sign in for classes more easily.